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Ep 20-Critical Hit

November 29th, 2008

Our 20th episode, Hurrah.  we hit 20. One more episode and we can drink. Anyway. In this episode of The Spiraken Manga review, Xan Reviews Ah! My Goddess, discusses being a toll collector and asks a unique question. hope you enjoy . remember about our various contests

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Music For Episode: Intro Music- My Heart Your Heart by Noriko Sakai (Oh! MY Goddess OVA  Op), Background Music- Open Your Mind by Chiisane Hana Hirogate(Ah! My Goddess TV Op 1), Ending Music -Congradulations by Hisakawa Aya  (Oh My Goddess OVA  Closing 3) Ice Cream


  • Daisuke

    Hey Xan, in response to your comment, thx ^_^. Glad you like our podcast. Your podcast is pretty cool too, not too many manga podcasts out there (as compared with anime). Now I know where to turn to get some good manga insight lol. The collaboration episode with fightbait was great. Anywho cross promotion is always A-ok with us. Keep it up!

    - Daisuke, ANON podcast

    Dec 5, 2008 at 4:50 pm