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Ep 83: Ittarakimasuu

December 30, 2009

Happy Holidays, Xan celebrates the holidays and the nirth of his nephew. He also reviews the super cute seinan series, "Chi's Sweet Home" by Konami Kanata


Since the premise is so simple, Xan breezes through this manga review and also answers an email and talks about his interesting christmas. Email Xan about Your holiday at The two links described in this episode were and Check em out for your anime/manga mp3 needs

Music For Episode: Intro Music -Ouchi ga ichiban by Satomi Korogi (Chi's Sweet Home OST),Background Music -Ouchi ga ichiban (KaraokeWonderful Version)by Masumi Itou (Chi's Sweet Home OST),Ending Music -Maigo no Maigo no by Satomi Korogi (Chi's Sweet Home OST)

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Random Question of the Week:What does Chi remember when Papa rubs her back?