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Spiraken Con Report: AnimeNYC 2017

In this con review, Xan is joined by Doug Wilder from Animecons.tv as they talk about their experiences at the first ever AnimeNYC that happened on Nov 17th through Nov 19th in New York, NY.


As they cover the pros and cons of this new convention, The awesomeness of the Gundam Thunderbolt Concert, their amazing living dead squadron cosplay ,our hosts also discuss the future of this convention, their thoughts about the upcoming Star Wars Movie, the potential creation of an Anime Fan Burning Man festival and where they feel the con succeeded. This Con definitely is one of the top cons of the year


Hope You Enjoy The Episode.

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New York Comic Con 2017 Pre Show Information


So Xan is on his way to New York Comic Con at the Jacob Javitz Center in Manhatten NY From Oct 5-Oct 8th 2017.

and he hopes to see you there.
On the itinerary for this year are so many awesome panels and events that Xan and his friends hope to see at the con. Even if Xan cannot make it to some of the panels here are a few of the panel worth checking out.

On Thursday the 5th
There is surpsingly a Tokyopop (I thought Stu Levy drove that company into the ground) panel at 1:30 in room 1A18. At 3:00 PM there is the Funimation industy Panel in room 1A18 and at 4:00 PM there is the official Viz Media Panel in Room 1A06.
The American Gods Panel at 6Pm in the main stage (Also There is an afterparty which Xan has been invited to, so that should be awesome)
Also at 6 there will be the Replicas Panel with Keanu Reeves in Room 1A06

On Friday the 6th
The Pacific Rim Uprising Panel at the Theater isat Madison Square Garden at 12:00 Pm
At 2:30 Kodansha is present A Fairy Tail panel and Q&A with Hiro Mashima on the main stage
At 2:45, Marvel will be talking about Spider-man and His Amazing Friends in room 1A24
AT 5:15 PM, There is the Classic SF Manga ft. Akira's 35th Anniversary edition presented by Kodansha in Room 1A24
then Hulu and Marvel's The Runaways will be on the main stage at 7:45 PM
AT 9PM The Premire for Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 will be on in Room 1A24

On Saturday the 7th
There is the Voltron Legendary Defender Panel in the main stage at 11am,
At 1:45Pm There will be the official Weekly Shonen Jump Panel in Room 1A10.
At 2:30 PM, Twisted Toons Panel with Lots of Voice Actots will be on the main stage
At 5:30 in Room 1A10 The Cruncyroll Industry Panel will be happening
and finally AMC's The Walking Dead is at 7:45 at the theater at Madison Square Garden

On Sunday the 8th,
Kodansha's official panel with new licenses will be at 4:00 Pm in room 1A06

Also remember to check out the Artist Alley, The Dealer's Room, The Game Area and the various Locations where people will be cosplaying

Hope to See you there



Spiraken Con Report: Animenext 2017 (Ft. Doug Wilder & John Mcnally)

In This sepcial con review, Xan is joined by Doug Wilder from Animecons.tv and John McNally of Crazy O.T.A.K.Us. as they talk about their experiences at  AnimeNext 2017 from June 9th - June 11th in Atlantic City, NJ.


Besides discussing the technical difficulties in having to re-record this podcast, our intrepid hosts discuss the merits of proper communication between con staff and panelists, the need for better game rooms and what panels/ cosplays were the most memorable at this convention


There is also some talk about what can be done to improve this convention and what our greatest memories about the con are.





Either way Hope you enjoy

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Spiraken Con Review: Anime Boston 2017

In This episode of the podcast, Xan reviews his experiences at 




 Anime Boston 2017 from March 31-April 2nd in Boston MA.


besides talking about his experiences at the convention, he also talks about the various pros and cons of this retro themed anniversatry convention. From the stalled elevators and increased security to the awesome tech staff and goodies that panelists receive.


there is also discussion about how retro times were 15 years ago. Old memories of old series and how you had to order anime from a magazine as oppose to downloading it online or streaming it.




There is also debate on what the best cosplay was at the convention. Personally I say it was that dashing Lupin in the Blue Jacket. Either way, check out all the cosplayers on Our Spiraken Flickr Anime Boston Photos Hope you enjoy

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Retro Anime Themes Panel list

Hey Everyone it's Xan and I hopefully had an awesome panel. For those of you who attended it, thank you for coming and I hope i showed you some cool anime series that you never heard of before and might want to check out. 

Either way here is a list of the Series that I showed at my Retro Anime Themes Panel at Anime Boston 2017

if you have any questions, you can email me at xan@spiraken.com or comment below. thanks


Astro Boy

Sally the Witch

Speed Racer

Gegege no Kitaro

Princess Knight

Cutey Honey

Rose of Versailles

Mazinger Z

Aim for the Ace

Yokai Ningen Bem

Space Battleship Yamato

Galaxy Express 999

Mobile Suit Gundam

Lupin the III

combattler V

Urusei Yatsura

Dirty Pair


Creamy mami

Captain Tsubasa

Dragonball z

Ranma 1/2

Yu Yu Hakusho

El Hazard

Tenchi Muyo

Outlaw Star

Cowboy Bebop

King of Braves Gaogaigar

Slayers Next

Serial Experiment Lain

Rurouni Kenshin


Revolutionary Girl Utena

Kare Kano/His & Her Circumstances


One Piece