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Spiraken Manga Review

Aug 2019

Ep 329: Where The Hell Did Sunred Leave His Sunshoot?

In this episode, Xan reviews a comedy manga that parodies Super Sentai Superhero Series. So put on your favorite Sentai outfit and  enjoy as he reviews "Tenshi Sentai Sunred/Astro Fighter Sunred" by Makoto Kuboto

 Tenshi Sentai Sunred


Besides talking about Super Sentai Series in general, our intrepid host also talks about the unique villains of this series and where he first heard about it. Hope You Enjoy This Episode

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Aug 2019

Spiraken Motion Picture Review Ep 004: Stticcckk Toooo Tttthhheee Ppplllaaannn

In This episode of The SPIRAKEN MOTION PICTURE REVIEW PODCAST,  we continue our theme month of "Heists, hijacking and high octane car crashes" with a review of a classic heist movie that involves two of the Monty Python crew. So enjoy as our hosts review "A Fish Called Wanda" directed by Charles Crichton and starring John Cleese Jamie Lee Curtis Kevin Kline Michael Palin and Tom Georgeson.


A Fish Called Wanda 

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Aug 2019

Ep 328: Now That We’re Married. I’m Gonna Sit On The Couch

In this episode, Xan reviews another isekai series, but this time it is about being married in another world. So enjoy as he reviews "Risou no Himo Seikatsu/The Ideal Sponger Life" by Tsunehiko Watanabe and illustrated by Neko Hinotsuki

 The Ideal Sponger Life


 Our Host talks about how this is different to other isekai series, compares it to way of the house Husband and contemplates why this series works. Hope You Enjoy This Episode

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Jul 2019

Ep 327: Correct Posture Makes You Look Confident & Taller

In this episode, Xan reviews a sports manga where having a long neck gives you dancing power. So turn on some classical music, get a dance partner and enjoy as he reviews "Welcome To The Ballroom" by Tomo Takeuchi

 Welcome To The Ballroom


 Our Host compares this manga to Sesuji wo Pin (a manga we reviewed in episode 212), and also discusses the unique character designs of this series. Hope You Enjoy This Episode

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Jul 2019

Ep 326: Demon Slaying Blade

In this episode, Xan and Gretta review a dark adventure manga about an older brother who is trying to protect the world and his sister from evil monsters. So put on hanafuda earrings, grab a katana and enjoy as they reviews "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba" by Koyoharu Gotouge

 Demon Slayer Kimitsu no Yaiba


 Our hosts discuss how good of a brother tanjiro is, the unique side characters in this manga and how its plot is better than one piece. Hope You Enjoy This Episode

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