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Spiraken Supplimental: Animenext 2016 Panel Schedule

Hey Everyone, It's Xan. Sorry for the delay in new episodes. Things have been crazy as the spiraken staff and I have been preparing for AnimeNext 2016. Today is the day before and I wanted to let you know our panel schedule 
The official schedule for AnimeNEXT is now up so Here's the panel slate for me and several other members of the Spiraken Manga Review Podcast

Friday: Let It Ride: Gambling in Manga - 6:15 pm, Room 301

Manga Recommendations for Grown Ups - 10:45 Pm, Room 322 

Saturday:From Under The Bed Horror in Anime and Manga- 11:00pm, Room 304

Sunday: The Insane Manga Challenge AC Edition Game Show  - 12:30 pm - 2:30pm, Room 303

we will be handing out Tickets for the IMC at all of our panels Tickets can get you prizes,(Manga, Anime, t shirts, posters, water bottles and other cool stuff) as well as possibly selling tickets for the 1920's great gatsby Gala
Hope to see you at the Con
We Will also be selling T Shirts at the con as well. buy one to help us out do more cool events at con


Spiraken Supplimental Episode: Happy 8th Anniversary

Greetings everyone from us here at Spiraken.com, It's our 8 year anniversary

To commemorate this occasion, May-san is back to wish us a very Happy 8th Anniversary and to chat with Xan about what has happened in the past, as well as brain storm over upcoming events in the Future.
From all of us here at the podcast, thank you for sticking by us for the last 8 years and we hope you stay with us for another 8 years. hope you enjoy the episode
Music For This Episode: Intro Music: Victory Theme -Yasunori Mitsuda (Chrono Trigger OST), Background Music: Happy Birthday -Chamber Orchestra Kremlin (Kremlin Orchestra),  Closing Music: Congratulations -Sleeping With Sirens (Feel)

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Spiraken Special Episode: Return to Classics- The Return of May-san!!!!

Sorry for the belated release of this episode but I wanted to make it just right. Especially because of who is on this episode. So As an additional gift to our fans for  reaching episode 200, May-san  has deemed us worthy to bask in her presence as we reminisce about the podcast past and talk about its future.

Xan & May-san

So as you enjoy the return of the first co host of the podcast, listen as we talk about how times have changed, how May-san is a flower, how she will be returning to the podcast in some capacity and how things have been awesome in the world of tv, movies, books and life itself. hope you enjoy the episode

Music for this episode- Opening Theme: Celebretary Fanfare by Arthur Reed (The RWMS Plays), Closing Theme- Elan by Nightwish (Century Child)

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Spiraken’s Review of 2014

Happy New Year Everyone!

In this great Supplimental Episode of the podcast, Xan and Baz talk about last year and debate on what was the best and worst of 2014. From Anime to Sports, to Movies and even conspiracies, our hosts discuss it all

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Music For Episode: Opening/Closing Music - Tacky by Weird Al (Mandatory Fun), 

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Supplimental Episode Z: No Game No Life

In this supplemental episode, Xan and Baz finish out our prequel series to Spiraken's Anime Corner as they review an insanely creative, fun and addictive series about alternate worlds and playing games, so sit back and relax as they review AIE's "No Game No Life"

No Game No Lidet

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