The episode that many have been waiting for.

Episode 18, featuring Guest Host Fightbait is one of our most enjoyable episodes. Listen as Xan & Fightbait attempt to review Eiken and Girl Saurus while getting off topic with such diverse subjects as the Opera Internet browser, Jungle de Ikou, Elfen Lied,The Wonderfulness of Kazuo Koike and... Kevin Smith?! hope you guys enjoy the episode and check out Fightbait's podcast, "Fightbait Anime Podcast".

Note!  The creator of Grenaider did not work on Burn up W and Kazuo Koike worked on Path of the Assassin, not Blade of the Immortal. my bad Xan

Music For Episode: Intro Music- Feel Like Our Days by Toko(Eiken OP), Ending Music -J by Masami Okui(Jungle de Ikou OP)
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