In this, the 45th episode of the Spiraken Manga Review, Xan and a returning friend review the series Dragon Half as well as the manwah, The Color of Earth

Also listen as the two host talk about various topics and engage in bashing certain nations economies. Remember Part 3 of "The Top 50 Anime OP/Cl/BGMs of All Time" will be released this saturday and check out the R5 Central Podcast (which we promoed this episode) as well as the Fightbait Anime & Gaming Podcast. Remember, we are still looking for the voice of THE WHEEL OF MANGA. Send an mp3 or a voice mail of you saying Wheel of Manga and see if you can become the wheel of manga voice. Contest ends June 1st

Music For Episode: Intro Music-Sousei by Key (Air TV OST),Ending Music -My Omelette by Kotono Mitsuishi(Dragon Half OST)

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Random Question of the week. Where is The World's Largest Rhinestone Located?

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