We have hit the 50th episode of the Spiraken Manga Review and that is awesome. Xan promises not to podfade and will hit the 150 mark. In this episode Xan Reviews Tohru Fujisawa's "GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka"

Several things are revealed in this episode including why May-san left the show, how was the Sakura Matsui and also what is Xan's real name.If you were at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and were unable to meet with xan, you can get a free manga and/or a spiraken manga review T-Shirt, if you email a picture of you at the Sakura Matsui to him.

Check Out Xan's Article on Anime3000.com as well as his sidekickery on the Fightbait Anime & Gaming Podcast And finally, we are still looking for the voice of THE WHEEL OF MANGA. Send an mp3 or a voice mail of you saying Wheel of Manga and see if you can become the wheel of manga voice. Thanks to Hikari & Ruby's entry in this contest and also check out Up a Paddle Podcast. it's cool

Music For Episode: Intro Music-Driver's High by L'Arc en Ciel (GTO OST),Background Music -News Theme By Lalo Schifrin(Eyewitness News ),Background Music -Hitori no Yori (Back Sound) By Porno Graffiti(GTO OST),Ending Music -Last Piece By Kirari(GTO OST) Our Website https://spiraken.podbean.com Our Forum http://spiraken.rapidboards.com Our Email Spiraken@gmail.com My Email xan.spiraken@gmail.com Our Twitter Spiraken Xboxlive Gamertag Xan Spiraken Our Voicemail 206-426-6665 (monk) Random Question of the Week: Where was the original Dadaist from?

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