In this episode of the Spiraken Manga Review, Xan reviews a reimagined version of Tezuka's "The Strongest Robot in the World" that was written By Urasawa, "Pluto"

This episode is a little short, but Xan had to assist his idiot brother with moving a couch so this came out asap. Check out our one year anniversery this friday, the 15th.

Check Out Xan's Article on as well as his sidekickery on the Fightbait Anime & Gaming Podcast And finally, we are still looking for the voice of THE WHEEL OF MANGA. Send an mp3 or a voice mail of you saying Wheel of Manga and see if you can become the wheel of manga voice.

Music For Episode: Intro Music-True Blue by Zone (Astroboy OST),Ending Music -Tooi Sakebi By Nakaido Reiichi(Seriel Experiments Lain OST)
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Random Question of the Week: Where was the first robot constructed?

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