In this episode of the Spiraken Manga Review, Xan reviews a sci fi romance philosophical piece "Vandread"


Xan felt a little overwhelmed with the News but it had to be told. Anyway, Even though Xan was unhappy with how the manga turned out, he still had fun reviewing it and if you have a chance, check out the vandread anime series. it is really good. trust me. Thanks to Kent at up a paddle for the new promo design and also remember that Xan will be attending AnimeNext in New Jersey, June 12th-14th .If you see him there and say whhheeeelll of Maannggaa, you get a t-shirt. Check Out Xan's articles on as well as his sidekickery on the Fightbait Anime & Gaming Podcast And finally, remember to send an mp3 or email to us about becoming the voice of the wheel of manga or to design a promo for us. thanks again Xan-san AWWAAYYY

Music For Episode: Intro Music-Trust By Salia (Vandread OST),Background Music -Theme From GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka OST),Background Music -Ooinaru Gaika By Iwasaki Fuminori (Vandread OST),Background Music -Relax By Iwasaki Fuminori (Vandread OST),Background Music -Zoucho By Iwasaki Fuminori (Vandread OST),Background Music -Dita no nichijou By Iwasaki Fuminori (Vandread OST),Background Music -Hanayakana nigiwa By Iwasaki Fuminori (Vandread OST),,Background Music -What a wonderful world (music box version) By Iwasaki Fuminori (Vandread OST)Ending Music -Himegoto By SiLK (Vandread OST) Our Website

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