In this, the 76th episode of the Spiraken Manga Review Podcast, Xan becomes descencitized to gore and violence in the uberviolent and classic seinen manga , "Violence Hero Riki-Oh" by Masahiko Takajo and drawn by Saruwatari Tetsuya

While this manga will probably never be released in America due to it insulting everyone from the jewish to germans to prison inmates and americans. it is truly a bizarre and odd and dramatic manga. Also Xan rants and raves as usual/

Music For Episode: ,Intro Music -No MercyBy Sakamoto Eizo (Riki Oh OST),Background Music -Karma's Fate by Santora (Riki Oh OST),Background Music -Survival Zone by Santora (Riki Oh OST),Background Music -Fascism vs. Six Sided Star by Santora (Riki Oh OST),Ending Music -Soldier of Sorrow by Santora (Riki Oh OST)

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Random Question of the Week: Who would win? Riki Oh or Kenshiro?

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