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Off to Animenext 2017

June 8th, 2017

So we are here at Animenext 2017 with several awesome panels 

today Friday the 9th we have

The Insane Manga Challenge Super Fun Edition in Room 302 at 12:00pm

Who Stole This Panel? Thieves in Anime/Manga in Room 311 at 5:30 pm

The Insane Manga Challenge Atlantic City Fun Edition in Room 303 at 9:45 pm


on saturday the 10th we have

The Ultimate Manga Recommendations For Grown Ups in Room 319 at 4:45 pm

From Under The Bed: Horror in Anime & Manga in Room 320 at 11:00 PM


and on Sunday the 11th we have 

Slipping through my fingers: Lost Love in Anime & Manga at 12:30 pm at room 319


we hope to see you at the various panels. we are giving away several prizes at some of the panels. if you want some, check out the panels. 

hope to see you there


Spiraken Mini Movie Review: Wonder Woman

June 2nd, 2017

Xan here again with another Mini Movie Review. I Just got out of wonder woman and wow.

Hope you enjoy the episode

Ep 210: Prison of Love…and pain

May 17th, 2017

In this oppressive episode of the Spiraken Manga Review, Xan goes all out as he reviews the crazy and insane manga that is "Prison School" by Hiramoto Akira


Besides talking about all the creepy fetish images in this manga, Xan discusses the underlaying themes, unique storyarcs and ponders why the principal is an assman. Either way  Hope you enjoy

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Spiraken Mini Movie ReviewL Guardians of the Galaxy

May 6th, 2017

Hey Guys, it's Xan here releasing a special mini review of Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2. 

The Movie was a lot of fun and had lots of references to the original series.

hope you enjoy the episode


Spiraken Game Review: Persona 5

April 15th, 2017

Hello ladies and gents, boys and girls, reds, blues and all you good folk of the Spiraken community! We’re back discussing your eventually go-to devices for all the entertainment you could want. In this episode, Xan gets to review arguably the greatest RPG of all time in Altus's latest installement in the Shin Megumi Tensai Series, "Persona 5"

Persona 5

From the unique combat/ negotiation system to the amazing character social link system and the revitalized fusion system, Xan gives an in depth review of this amazing PS4/PS3 game.

Phantom Thieves

Besides talking about the awesomeness of Persona 5, Xan discusses the history of the Persona Franchise, the origin of the term picaresque and the hypocracy of certain elements in the confidant/social link system


If you want to join Xan in the Phantom Thieve Association and help him out, Xan's PSN ID is Xan_ Spiraken. If you want to play Simpsons Tapped Out with Xan, his friendiD is "Alexdvillan". Please add him.  If you want to recommend what games we should review next, just shoot us a message or ten on twitter or at our email accounts! Game on!

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