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Apr 2019

Spiraken Anime Review: City Hunter- Shinjuku Private Eyes

In this very special anime review episode, Xan and Gretta review the latest edition to the City Hunter Franchise. So sit back and enjoy as our hosts review "City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes" directed by Kenji Kodama and starring Akira Kamiya, Kazue Ikura, Marie Iitoyo, Tessho Genda, Yoko Asagami, Mami Koyama, Chika Sakamoto, Keiko Toda, Koichi Yamadera and Hochu Otsuka.


Shinjuku Private eyes 

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Mar 2019

Spiraken Anime Review: Winter Anime 2019

The Spiraken Anime Review has returned!!So celebrate with Xan and Gretta as they discuss the latest season Anime Japan has to offer to us fans.


From The Stand out Series 

dororo_anime.jpg roommate_is_a_catanime.jpg neverland_anime.jpg  meiji-tokyo-renka_anime.png

magical_girl_asuka_anime.jpg quints.jpg shield_hero_anime.png love_is_war_anime.jpg


to the more unique, niche and possibly WTF

ueno_anime.jpg kotobuki_anime.jpg endro_anime.jpg
boogiepop_and_others.jpg w_z.jpg price_of_smiles.jpg 


 Our Hosts go over the majority of the new series that came out and give their opinions on them. If you feel differently then us, let us know and email us at Spiraken@gmail.com. Either way, hope you enjoy

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Feb 2017

Spiraken Anime Review: Netflix’s Voltron Season 2


In This episode of the podcast, Xan is joined by Anime Boston's very own Doug Wilder in order to fully dive into the awesomeness that is VOLTRON.



This highly anticipated animated series by Netflix is an awesome retelling of the original Go Lion/ Voltron from the 1980's.

With that in mind, Xan and Doug discuss the highlights of the show, go through the series episode by episode and talk about their hopes for the future.



Note There will be spoilers. Hope you Enjoy



May 2015

Spiraken Anime Corner Ep 02: Spring Anime 2015

Xan is joined by Alain Mendez, Co host of the Speakeasy Podcast and one of the driving forces of the Reverse Thieves in this awesome episode of Spiraken's Anime Corner. In this episode, our hosts give you a rundown of the new anime series that have been released for spring 2015

Arslen Senki Dan Machi Denpa Kyoushi

 Eto Tama fate stay night unlimited blade Food Wars

 GITS Arise Music Euphonium Kekkai Senken 

  Sidonia season 2 Ninja Slayer Ore Monogatari

 Owari no Sereph Punch Line Rinne 

 Show by Rock  Triage X 

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Feb 2015

Spiraken’s Anime Corner Ep 01: Death Parade

Konnichiwa Mina,

Welcome to our first episode of Spiraken's Anime Corner. So to celebrate, Xan is joined by our newest cohost Michael to review some great new anime. So to start off right, our intrepid hosts get to witness judgement done in a unique way, so pull up a bar stool as they review Studio Madhouse's newest supernatural series"Death Parade"

Death Parade
Besides our discussion of the first three episodes of this new series, we discuss anime cred,why roulette wheels have to be circle, and why big red buttons are so cliche. Hope you enjoy

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